Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This is a video montage of Jessica's 9th birthday - family and friends parties.  We are so lucky to have such a bright, fun and confident daugther. She makes me laugh everday.  I am thankful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Why I Scrap

Lately, I have been reflecting on my style and why I scrap. I am, like many moms, a pathological-picture-taker. I love capturing my daughter’s images (they are the perfect models); I love creating – combing papers, textures and colours – and sharing my pages with my family. But when I look through my pages, what I value most is the story. This is why I scrapbook – to capture the story with words, pictures and (sometimes) a little creativity thrown in. It’s a work-in-progress...

Looking at my latest creations, I see that I need to dive deeper to capture not just the events, but the emotions and truths surrounding the story and characters. I say this not to criticize but as an honest reflection of what I want from my creations.


Hailey getting ready for her first non-family birthday party.

Hailey is the laid-back, go-with-the-flow one so it was just another event for her (I think I was more excited).


Jess with no hesitation, petting and holding the snakes:

Frankly I was a bit surprised. No doubt she is an animal lover but (like her Mom) she is not always the biggest risk-taker.

Well that is all for today. Cheers!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Penguin Play

On our second full day in Florida, we hopped into Grandma and Grandpa J`s van and trekked two hours to Tampa Florida. Our first designation was the Florida Aquarium. Throughout the day we explored the various habitats, galleries and exhibits and learned about aquatic plants and animals from around the world. My favourite area was Ocean Commotion – gotta love watching the sharks – closely followed by the colourful and exotic fish of the coral reef.

For Jessica and I, the highlight of the day was a back-stage, hands-on, up-close-and-personal adventure with the penguins. It was so much fun!! Did you know that most penguins live in warm climates? These gentle creatures, with their own unique personalities, wowed us with their playful nature. Rocky loved playing with a toothbrush and Cliff was partial to a little pat on the head. I was delighted to share this unique experience with Jessica.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Pages

Just a quick post to share my newest layouts. But first I have to share this cute picture from our niece's b-day party. They were playing "upsie-daisy." All you need is a blanket and two strong volunteers to throw you up in the air:

My first layout is a double-pager from Christmas 2009. Haven't done a double in a long time:

This page is the story of Jessie's first (and possibly her last!) ride on the water tube. She had no idea what she was in for!

Hmm, lots of layouts with Jess...

.. the story of how Jessica stopped sucking her thumb and the party we had to celebrate:

That's all for now. Have a great week!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busch Gardens Adventure

t's been a long time so I have lots to share, starting with our family vacation to Florida to visit both sets of Grandparents.

One of our best days in Florida was our trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa, a unique mix of
zoo and amusement park. Chris and I braved two of the roller coasters – the invented caster Montu, literally left me shaking – and the girls enjoyed a few kids’ rides (look at their faces!).

Aged 3 to 63, everyone’s favourite feature was the Critter Castaways Show where a cast of unlikely characters (skillfully trained dogs, cats, birds, potbellied pigs and a few surprises), came together to create an adorable show that had everyone laughing.

The array of animals from elephants, giraffes, zebras, and gazelles, to lions, hippos, gorillas, and flamingos was a big hit for our family of animal lovers. Definitely, the open passenger train thorough the Serengeti plaints afforded the best view.

Second to the Critter show was the adventure Rhino Rally. “Expect the unexpected” – yes indeed! What started off as a wild off-road jeep tour through the wilds of Africa ended up as a fun water adventure. The look on Jessica’s face when she realized our vehicle was headed into the rising river was priceless!

We were also pleasantly surprised by the musical show “Katonga”, a colourful display of tales from the African jungle. The 4-D pirate show provoked a mix of emotions; that anticipation of “wha
t’s coming at us next?” and just when you let your guard down…. splash, a spurt of water right in the face (not impressed)! Poor Jess was trying (unsuccessfully) to get grandpa to leave with her.

An unexpected sidewalk show of wa
lking “insects on stills” had us in stitches – so much so that Jess had to make a mad dash to the washroom – as the crazy creatures gobbled our heads and snatched our hats.

In the Jungala play area, the girls climbed thorough a three-story maze of rope bridges and nets. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Hailey maneuver through the twists and turns (with a little help from Jess), losing her hat and shoes on occasion.

Finally, the walk through the Edge of Africa at the end of the day was a splendid way to finish off our adventure. From start to finish, an unforgettable family experience!

I'm working on uploading a few scrapbook pages... hope to post again later today.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

New "Themed" Pages

With winter in full force, I finally made time to scrap. What better way to spend a cold winter night?

The first page highlights Jessica's horse themed birthday party. After skating, we celebrated with family. The pinata and homemade cake were a big hit. Of course, Jessica wished for a pony (good thing she told me her wish!).

Here's a layout with a Fall feel: Thankful (for my Hailey). I just love the pattern paper.

The last page has a photo of Jess taken last Spring. I just love her 'hiking' outfit. Girl's got style! The journal tag is behind the photo.

Hope 2010 is treating you well. Cheers!!